Adventure Girls

I've had this series idea stewing around in my head for a couple years and finally made it happen on our last visit to Redding. It ended up being one of those days where everything, except the schedule, was cooperating beautifully; I had 20 minutes to get the shot once we arrived at location. These girls are true Adventure Girls so the idea was pretty organic and easy and I have many more waiting patiently in my head.



Just because I Like it

I took these photos earlier last year of a family business here in Portland called Orox Leather Co. I really like how they turned out.  These gentlemen are not only talented but genuinly gracious to work with. Below is my favorite image although they chose a more serious one in the end.



No Ganache, No Glory.

This lovely is a true winner. A Cupcake Wars winner 3 times over! And you know how she does it? With her clever and insanely tasty gluten free recipes. I'd totally go gluten free for these. Congrats Kyra! 

 Kyra Bussanich |


Reflections (literally, not figuratively)

I've sort of been obsessed with exploring reflections in photography. I like how much information you can pack into an image; how shapes from 2 worlds can compliment or contradict eachother or even how it can be a game of 'I Spy' (I LOVED those books as a child).


Good Alice. Bad Alice.

Mad Props to the Costume Designer: Robin Fator - Dark Pony Designs

MUA:  Anna Brown